Progressive Automations Reviews

Before you make a purchase decision with our company, a large part of your research will be made up of Progressive Automations reviews. Reviews are some of the best ways to determine if a company is worth investing your hard earned cash in. People put a great deal of stock in third-party reviews, so we've put a few helpful resources here to present you with a few places to start.

Mike Senna's Wall-E

These two mechanical engineers recently completed work on two fully-functional Wall-E robots. Using linear actuators from Progressive Automations, they have created a robot that rivals even the one that roams around the Disneyland grounds. When briefly presented with an opportunity to speak with Mike, one of his first comments was, "Love the products!" If you'd like to watch a video about these two Wall-E projects, you can view it here.


E-Bay is massive, and a great place to find Progressive Automations reviews. It's easy to find out what the public thinks by searching for the 'Top Rated Seller, indication along with the customer satisfaction percentage. When it comes to our products, we maintain a high satisfaction percentages as well as the 'Top Rated Seller' mark, but we encourage you to take a look for yourself. You can find our E-Bay page here.

Another great site to find reviews on is Just as with E-Bay, the Progressive Automations reviews are unbeatable, but we expect you to find that out for yourself. You can visit some of our product pages here.


Our Customers and Sponsorships

We are consistently involved with innovative projects headed up by students all around North America. We have sponsored projects that have been awarded first place and projects that have been developed to provide assistance to the elderly and disabled.

Our YouTube channel has many different videos you can review to learn more about the various types of projects we and our customers have been involved in over the years. Customers often submit projects to us in the form of videos, which can also be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Reviews are some of the most powerful tools at a customer's disposal. They are free and give a great overview of the company. Be sure to take in multiple sources when you search out Progressive Automations reviews. In order to get an accurate reading of any company, you'll need a large amount of data to pull from. Good luck reviewing!

Linear Actuators in Cars

Cars get moving with linear actuators.

If all the actuators in your cars disappeared, they wouldn’t do much of anything when you pushed on the gas pedal. In fact, if you removed the actuators from those cars, you wouldn’t even be able to get inside your car with your door unlock remote in the first place. Linear actuators play an integral role in cars, and without them, we wouldn’t have some of the world records we do today. 

Many different types of actuators are used in cars to make them do what they do. You can find electric linear actuators, valve actuators, micro-actuators and more. Each of these actuators do their job so when you press that gas pedal, you get to where you want to go – sometimes, really fast. 

Engines and Wheels

Your fuel injection system relies on an actuator. The actuator controls the flow of air into the system, and as a result, your car gets better stability, traction and cruise control. Actuators are used to prevent wheel spin and skids by distributing the car’s horsepower to where it needs to go. 

Headlights and Car Door Actuators

Electric actuators are used to allow your power door to lock to open and shut. Without these systems, we’d have no power door locks. Remember all those movies that contain a scene during the night where the only things you see are the two headlights of a car pop up? Those ascending lights rely on small linear actuators when the car is turned on. 

Vehicles for the Disabled

Actuators in cars are used for more than just making it accelerate to mind-bending speeds. Vehicles that have been retrofitted for wheelchair lifts also make use of linear actuators. These systems have been installed during the manufacturing process, as well as after in a retrofit application. 

Snow Plows

Actuators can be used to create the needed motion for a snow plow in the winter. These actuators must be able to withstand high amounts of force, and be reliable enough for use in the cold weather and long winters. Virtually any truck can be retrofitted for a snow plow and can be used to make a few extra bucks during the Christmas season, or to just help out your neighbors and family when the big snow hits. 

Electric linear actuators are used in the automotive industry in a variety of ways. Not only are they used inside the cars, but the robots that are used in the manufacturing plant also make use of actuators. We can be fairly certain that without actuators in cars or actuators in manufacturing, we wouldn’t have some of the awe-inspiring machines on the road that we have today.

What is a Control Box?

If you're new to automation and linear electric actuators, you may be asking yourself, 'what is a control box?' You don't have to be an expert engineer to understand how a control box works or even to install one. Control boxes can be easily installed if you can follow a few simple directions and have a tool or two. But for now, let's start at the beginning.

Motion Control Systems

You probably don't need to be told that a motion control systems controls linear actuators. Our systems are brush motors that turn rotary motion into linear motion. The motor spins, and in turn, pushes or pulls the linear electric actuator. Our control boxes are versatile machines. You can control multiple actuators at once, control your actuators in a non-simultaneous fashion or even have one customized to fit in a European wall outlet.

The control boxes you'll find on our site are 12V standard, but we can provide you with a 24V or 36V system through our customization service. That's what makes us different. Our control boxes and our linear electric actuators can be customized, giving you products that fit your project or application perfectly.

DC or AC Control Boxes

DC and AC control boxes are the two types of power supplies available for our units. AC can be plugged into your wall outlet, so are ideal for home and office automation, or anywhere your project will remain stationary. AC systems can be converted to DC systems with the proper accessories.

For mobile projects or projects that can't get to an AC outlet, we have control boxes with DC power available. DC power runs off a battery. DC control systems are ideal for hobby robotics projects, or projects that are outside, as well as any other projects you want to take on the go. We have compact motion control systems, so you won't need a duffel bag just to lug around the system.

What is a Control Box Remote?

Control box remotes are available in many different types. They can be controlled with a foot switch, a wireless remote or a wired remote. Whether you need your hands to be kept free, would like to activate your project from a distance or just need a workable, affordable automation solution, our website offers a range of different wireless and wired remotes, and foot controls.

Control Box Accessories

If you find you want to upgrade your control box after some time, we make it easy. You don't have to go out and buy a whole new control system; just take a look through our various accessories and find the component that'll fit your project.

Some of our accessories can help you control the speed of your actuators, change AC to DC power, install longer wiring and more. If you need to time your linear electric actuators, we have a timer switch available.