Turn Your TV Instead of Your Head

Do you want your TV to rotate 180 degrees from its central position? Do wish to hide your TV behind furniture, below a window sill, behind a sofa, or inside an entertainment center? Sound exciting isn’t it?  TV lifts are the perfect solution for all these.

Powered TV liftsWe, ActuatorZone offer actuator powered TV lifts, TV stands and TV mounts that are precision-engineered. These lifts allow you to hide your TV out of your sight, and then make it available at a simple touch of a button. We have drop-down and pop–up actuator powered TV lifts available with easy installation and control mechanism. You can rotate your TV left, right, up and down using a remote controller to achieve a perfect and suitable position in front of your sofa, bed and recliner.

We have currently the following models of TV lifts on stock.
  • Y-23 Drop Down TV Lift 32 Inch To 60 Inch
  • NY-20 Rotating TV Stand 25 Inch To 42 Inch
  • NY-05 Wall Mount TV Lift 32 Inch To 60 Inch
  • NY-01 Wall Mount TV Lift 15 Inch To 27 Inch
  • NY-17 Raising TV Lift 37 Inch To 60 Inch

Detailed specifications and information of these models have given in our website. You will know why ActuatorZone is becoming the industry’s favorite TV Lift System once you meet our friendly and educated staff members and see our products.