The Need of 12V Actuator in Automobile Industry

Automotive manufacturing makes use of the linear actuator

12V Actuator is widely used in smooth functioning of cars. The overall design and functioning of doors widely relies on 12V Actuators that make it perform flawlessly. We at Progressive Automations manufacture high end 12V Actuator which are used by the automobile industry, our designs are different from the rest and provide that longevity in delivering exceptional performance. Opening of doors, hoods, bonnet, boot and roof is done by the use of actuators. They might be gas charged or electric as per the needs. In the Lamborghini Murcielago actuators are used for opening of cooling fins that are installed in the side of the car. They open up when the car crosses 100MPH speed as it requires additional cooling for keeping the temperature low as much as possible.

Retractable spoiler is equipment in the list which incorporates actuators. The retractable spoiler emerges in an Audi R8 which is designed to travel at extensive speeds. It helps in providing smooth functioning and offers stability at high speeds. The spoiler also emerges when the car is travelling in three digit speeds; this is where innovation and technology barges for smooth operation.

ActuatorZone manufactures top quality 12V actuators. Our products are ranked among the best of brands available in the industry. Feel free to log on to for more information on actuators. Product quality is delivered according to international standards; we adhere to such standards because of the reliability and stability shown by the product., latest technology is incorporated in the functioning of actuators.